OLIVEROliver’s Story

Oliver’s parents were told during pregnancy that Oliver was likely to have Arthrogryposis.   There was very little information on the internet but through AMCSI they found information about Arthrogryposis and were able to better prepare for Oliver’s arrival.  They also learned about Shriner’s Hospital in Philadelphia and already contacted them before Oliver was born.

Oliver was born naturally on August 3, 2013.  He was born with bilateral atypical clubfeet and wrist and hand deformities. Oliver was put in serial casts for his clubfeet at 5 days old.  He was found to have a dislocated hip and hip dysplasia at 5 months old.  He has been treated by Dr. vanBosse at Shriner’s  Hospital in Philadelphia since he was 9 months old.  Oliver has had 7 hip surgeries since he was born.  He has had many serial castings and been in both spica and Petrie casts after his hip surgeries.  Oliver will be undergoing another major hip surgery this year and they will also be rotating his tibia as well and then he will be put in another Petrie cast.  Oliver’s family is hoping this will be the last surgery for a while.  Oliver continues to go through serial castings for his feet about every other year due to regression in his feet especially after growth spurts.

Aside from Arthrogryposis, Oliver, is a very healthy, smart, handsome, happy and funny 7 year old.  He loves 2nd grade, being with his friends, video games and bowling.  He is the most determined and persistent little kid you’ll ever know and he is wise beyond his years.  Oliver has a way of putting things in perspective that only a person who has overcome so many obstacles can have.  Oliver continues to meet and overcome every obstacle with positivity and determination.