Kiely-Ann is 15 years old and is in the 9th grade at a technical high school! Before she was even born, they told us she probably wouldn’t walk or write her name…they were so wrong!!! She loves to go for walks, play adaptive soccer/baseball, and cuddle with her cat and dogs. She also has better penmanship then anyone I have ever met. She loves to draw and is very good at it! She is very creative and can’t wait for the world to be back too normal.

Kiely’s AMC affects her function in both her arms and legs making some things difficult for her and she sees it all as a challenge and is determined to keep up with her peers. In addition to her AMC, she also has 100% insulin dependent diabetes. The AMC and T1D do not go well together and it makes the day-to-day even more challenging with extremely high and low blood sugars.

Kiely is very spunky and the funniest young lady you will ever meet. She is always being silly and cheering people up when they are not feeling good. She considers the AMCSI conference to be like “coming home to her family”.